November 2, 2014

MathQuiz: A little experiment using embedded Derby database.

Ok, so I've decided to write down my blog in English language to make my writings more available to the wide audiences of the Internet. This post will be my first attempt to write a post in English and also my first attempt to utilize (embedded) Apache Derby technology in my Java code. All of the resoure(s) I've put on this post are available for download below this post.

Introducing MathQuiz
MathQuiz is a very thin, Java (using JDBC) game that utilize embedded Derby database to save the player's score. It consist of only 1 source (java) file, and can only be played in command prompt interface.

The game (or should I say, quizzes?) is very straight forward: you run it, answer ten (10) mathematical problems: each will give you 1 point if answered correctly, and then save the score with your name in the database. You can download the game and the sourcecode using the link provided below this post.

The database and its table are pre-created using the ij tools from the Apache Derby distribution. The one and only table 'scores' consist of two columns, labelled username and score.
Below, using the ij tools, you can see me connecting to the database and retrieve all of the rows from the table 'scores'.

This game is part of my learning process: Learning JDBC, Apache Derby, Ant, SQL, and other usefull (database) technology, I plan to integrate it into the eBookManager project I've reviewed in this blog. As student in Department of Geography who learn GIS and stuff's, its even become more important.


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