April 3, 2009

Greenfoot manual telah dibuat !

Dikutip dari http://www.greenfootgallery.com/news
"There comes a time when all people break down and do the unthinkable - they read the manual..." 2009-3-28 davmac

...however, up until now this has been a bit difficult because it really hasn't been that complete. Those that did read it probably noticed it was also a bit out of date too.

But now, good news! The manual has been brought up to date, corrected, completed and extended!

It's a really good read if you're just starting out with Greenfoot, or you understand it to a basic extent but want to get to grips with it more. More experienced users may find some useful things in there as well.

If you want to have a read through, then you can find it here.

--Michael (mjrb4)

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