January 31, 2009

Greenfoot versi 1.5.1 sudah di keluarkan

Greenfoot versi 1.5.1 sudah dikeluarkan.
Diharapkan semua memakai Greenfoot terbaru.

Oleh : Poul Henriksen

Dear Greenfoot Users,

We have just released Greenfoot version 1.5.1.

This version fixes a few bugs that were introduced in version 1.5.0:
- Greenfoot.delay() didn't work when called interactively
- Some people had problems with World and Actor being striped when
they shouldn't be. This also meant that the compiler did not catch the
use of the deleted methods Actor.getWidth() and Actor.getHeight().

Thanks to everyone that reported these problems.

We recommend that all Greenfoot users upgrade to this latest version.

Available from: http://www.greenfoot.org/

The Greenfoot Team

Download Greenfoot versi 1.5.1 disini

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